According to planetary experts, there is high demand for high-speed surface ships that possess the ability to carry passengers and small cargo. The demand is estimated at tens of thousands of units, half of which goes to WIG small displacement.  We offer potential investors participation in the aforementioned project, to develop and implement GEV "Aqualet based on the existing WIG "Ivolga". Advantages of "Aqualet" reside in the fact that it rises above the shortcomings of the basic working model "Ivolga."

The GEV "Aqualet", multi-purpose and cross-seasonal vehicle, is designed to carry passengers and small cargo above the water, surface of rivers, lakes, seas, land, snow or ice. "Aqualet" possesses outstanding features that afford itself the title of the best development of WIG in the world to date. You will be able to get acquainted with our project and learn details, which we will be willing to provide at any time.

The prospect of our development is truly the most sophisticated to date. While the first Chinese GEV was created in 1998, the Russian model has been continuously evolving for 35 years and has accumulated a great deal of potential for some time.  The Russian GEV "Aqualet" is the essence of innovation.

To become the owner of the modern, and highly competitive, vehicle is very simple. The cost is relatively inexpensive, as well, and will only demand the need for a prototype model. The product is now patented and the initial investment requires only 160,000 Euros to build a scale model. This will allow us to become formally approved, by the leading institutions of the country, and declare it our property. Immediately after investing the 160,000 Euros, you will become a full-fledged patent holder, including all benefits and profits.

You will not have to hire professionals and pay high salaries to seek and invest in this project; nor will you be required to register patents. All of this is, in fact, an undertaking that we have already provided a solution to. We are ready to provide you with all necessary documents and to discuss all details concerning the cooperation. In order to get satisfactory answers to your questions, you can simply contact our office in Ukraine, the representative office in Russia or, even easier, contact us at our allotted phone numbers.