Purpose of site

The main purpose of our site is to find investors whom are willing to invest in our innovative and lucrative commercial projects, which ensure rapid growth in capital appreciation.  The current plans of our company include creating a new company SPV (special purpose vehicle), with participation of the investor to build a prototype GEV "Aqualet". This model will be showcased  at international fairs and specialized forums and, further, launched into mass production.

After becoming acquainted with our program, you will be able to see the prospects of the project and its high potential. We have a unique chance to draw the attention of organizations, companies and individuals interested in promoting and acquiring WIG "Aqualet". You will receive dividends in the near future, as there is currently nothing in the world like our GEV existing today.

Our website is designed to meet, not only the connection between the function of the investor, but also help our potential partners to evaluate the obvious benefits of participation in the creation of GEV. As there are already scientific and technical developments, the relative cost-efficiency for the production of the WIG "Aqualet" is success guaranteed.  Further, the huge demand and lack of competition in this market guarantees the success of the WIG "Aqualet", which possesses  the broadest range of applications.